Mario Gómez-Zimmerman is a Salvadoran physician living with his family in the US after have been kidnapped by Marxist guerrillas in his country and forced into exile some twenty years ago. During this period, he devoted himself to reveal the true behind the struggle in his homeland, having written two books on such matter: El Salvador, la otra cara de la guerra and El Salvador, Who Speak for the People? Dr. Gómez-Zimmerman has also been the editor of Izalco News, the only Salvadoan newspaper of national scope in the US, aimed to bring his countrymen together by means of strengthening their cultural values.
His present work is focused on themes concerning political phylosophy, being this its second edition. His current project is a study to provide a wider supporting base for Ayn Rand’s tenets.This will be approached in Trascendental Objectivist Investigations, a work in which Dr.Gómez-Zimmerman will make important innovations, among these the incorporation of religious and mystical tenets into the philosophy of objectivism, and a new approach to the philosophy of emergent materialism.

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