Power to the West
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Power to the West! --In Spanish, “Adelante Occidente!”-- is a
much-needed statement.
It holds the key to the solution of one of the greatest ideological problems of the last centuries: the conflict between the individual and society. While most of the thinkers maintain incompatible positions on that subject, proposing to subordinate the rights of either part to the other, Gómez-Zimmerman finds in the notion of the social dialectical pole a special way to assert the primacy of the synthesis, which at the same time keeps the person as the fundamental object of right. A truly remarkable achievement.

Emilio Ichikawa
Philosopher, scholar

Gómez-Zimmerman’s political vision is never utilitarian or pragmatical. Even the most concrete references are full of ideological, philosophical and ethical concerns. This makes his work an invaluable one, especially in a time when reason is giving way to vested interests and polls. A book of prophetic and far reaching significance for the defenders of individual freedoms.

Miguel Fernández
Writer, Journalist

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